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Instant monitoring function is online

The real-time monitoring function of this station is launched.

Users can view real-time data of field sensors by "Real Time Monitor"

And this information is updated synchronously in the Metacat database.

Search and download to "Research Data"

At present, real-time monitoring provides monitoring data of 9 sets of soil moisture/temperature/conductivity sensors (Decagon 5TE) in two tea gardens.

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Chi-ko Farm Soil and Leaching Monitoring System Update

In 2019, we have revised the soil sensor (soil temperature, volumetric moisture, electrical conductivity) and leaching monitoring system of Chi-ko Farm.

You can now able to see real-time monitoring data directly on the webpage.

The data is also updated synchronously in the Metacat database.

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Notice! Chi-ko Farm Interpolation

Hello, everyone,

In the first crop of 2019 years, the long-term ecological rice industry of Chi-ko Farm completed the transplant operation on January 28.

I want to ask you to arrange sampling.


Happy new year