Chi-Ko Farm

Location: Institute of Agricultural Research, Agricultural Research Institute, Chiayi Branch, Xikou Farm, Xikou Township, Chiayi County
Latitude, longitude, altitude, area: 23°34’N, 120°24’E, 16.8 m, test area 8.02 ha
Main biological phase / main community: paddy field
Research topic: Effectiveness of nutrient elements (including microorganisms that regulate nitrogen and soil organic matter conversion (Turnover)
Interaction, and loss of nutrients to the environment and groundwater; plant competition for natural resources; insect/disease dynamics; numerical modeling
Basic equipment: research room, laboratory, library, conference room, dormitory 4
History / Form of Information: Xikou Farm is affiliated to the Agricultural Research Institute Chiayi Branch
Cooperation group: Zhongxing University, Taiwan University, Donghua University, Forestry Laboratory, Tainan District Agricultural Improvement Field, Agricultural Laboratory