Information Management Training Workshop of TERN, Taiwan

Information Management Training Workshop of TERN, Taiwan
Provided by Chau Chin Lin

Organizer: Dr. Chiling Chen, TERN Agriculture LTER
Workshop time: Sep 2, 2020
Host: Taiwan Agriculture Research Institute and TERN IM committee
Instructors: John Porter, Kristin Vanderbilt, Shang Shan Lu, Chau Chin Lin
Participants: 40 Fresh PIs and Graduate students 

        Ecological sciences are studies that attempt to understand complex questions of ecosystems, to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration, and to collect data in larger spatial and temporal scales. Ecological data collecting usually uses a variety of protocols on the field. The resulting heterogeneous datasets are produced and stored in very different ways, which may not be familiar to all scientists. These datasets are also dispersed only within small research communities. Practically, an ecological dataset might reside in files that are poorly documented. This leads to the consequence that the files often become unusable upon a scientists departure or retirement. There is growing recognition that ecological data, especially long-term ecological data, should be networked and persevered for future studies in replicating and validating scientific conclusions, and in enlarging spatial and temporal scales. Metadata is the ideal way in which these archived data can be rapidly accessed and discovered. Therefore, TERN has held LTER information management training every year for new PIs and graduate students who join the LTER program in Taiwan since 2004.
       The purposes of this year workshop are to introduce the use of EML and updated tools used to help editing, storing, and applying documents of EML. The workshop planned to invite US LTER Information Managers Drs. John Porter and Kristin Vanderbilt and EAP ILTER colleagues to participate. However, due to the pandemic tension it was changed only to invite local scientists. Although Drs. John Porter and Kristin Vanderbilt also could not come, they provided pre-recorded videos alternatively. Moreover, after the presentation Dr. John Porter used Skype to interact with participants for a Q/A section from Virginia.

The topics of this year workshop were designed to teach both old and new tools just released and hand on practice.
1. IM for US LTER sites: examples from VCR and FCE
2. The data life cycle: prepare your data for archive and reuse
3. Research data archiving basic concept-metadata
4. Metadata standard for long term ecological research-EML
5. EML document editing- Morpho and Metacatui introduction and practice
6. EML document quality assurance/control

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Mandated face mask in Taiwan could be an unforgettable memory in LTER for fresh PIs and graduate students.


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Dr. John Porter interacted with participants via Skype from Virginia after his presentation